about us

Dr.-Ing. Stephan Martini

Managing partner of Terra Preta Weserbergland GbR
studied mechanical engineering,
was division manager at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen,
developed products for BMW and Toyota,
was involved in many entrepreneurial projects in East Africa,
As the responsible managing director, looked after companies in crisis.
As a Scientist for Future, he is committed to climate protection.

Rainer Sagawe

Managing partner of Terra Preta Weserbergland GbR
Committed to Terra Preta Black Earth since 2010,
nationwide workshops.
Development and sales of a pyrolysis furnace,
with which you can cook and at the same time make charcoal
Local commitment to climate protection
for the BUND Hameln-Pymront.
Formulation of a climate protection concept
 as councilor of the city of Hameln.
Co-founder of
Energy cooperative Weserbergland.
Co-founder of
Transition Town Hameln.


Detlef Hänke

Weibeck near Hessisch Oldendorf
Terra Preta Actor,
Retired farmer,
has his 1,500 square meter garden more and more
and very successfully converted to Terra Preta.

Andrea Preißler-Abou El Fadil

Garden activist: Palettengarten Linden-Nord (Pagalino),
Terra Preta Workshops,
Advice to allotment gardeners,
Managing Director of the
Bio workshop / education and projects
Author of the Terra Preta non-fiction book
"Gärtnern nach dem Terra Preta Prinzip"
("Gardening according to the Terra Preta principle")

Prof. Dr. Peter Schmuck

Founding member and board member of the Interdisciplinary Center for Sustainable Development
of the University of Göttingen
Lecturer at the University for Sustainable Development in Eberswalde, co-initiator and member of the scientific steering committee of the master’s course: Strategic Sustainability Management
Ambassador of the common economic welfare
Fellow of the Academy for Potential Development
Freelance employee of e-fect dialog evaluation consulting eG
Member of the Schönauer Netzkauf EWS eG
Founding member and supervisory board of Energiegenossenschaft Leipzig eG
Member of the Energiegenossenschaft Neue Energien Ostsachsen eG
Member of the International Knowledge Network for Sustainable Development
Founding member and board member of
Institute for Decentralized Renewable Energy and Regional Development e.V.
Member of the German Society for Psychology, specialist groups for differential and personality psychology, environmental psychology
Member of the Association of German Scientists
Co-founder / operator of the platform for future communities